Stolen shark returned to aquarium in San Antonio

April FrancisAug 01, 2018

Describing the heist to the media, Spellman said the bucket had originally contained a 5 percent bleach solution, leading aquarium officials to worry for Ms. Helen's health. They allegedly planned to steal her.

A 38-year-old San Antonio man was arrested Monday night in connection with the freakish theft of a horn shark from the San Antonio Aquarium on Saturday.

"Luckily the thief was somebody who knew what he was doing", he said.

Anthony Shannon has been named as one of two men suspected of snatching Miss Helen the shark from an aquarium Saturday. They then headed toward the touch pool, where they lingered until the flawless moment struck. "Initially they were going to show us an old receipt for this type of shark, but it was obviously doctored and the gig was up".

The tools needed to pull off the heist? She was then placed in a bucket inside the pram. "She is doing good so far, and we are hopeful she will recover fully from the shock and return to her home she is used to", the aquarium wrote on Facebook. Another man is also seen following closely behind. Then one man grabs Miss Helen, wraps her in a towel and puts her in a stroller. Meanwhile, the woman in the footage stood close by with the baby. All of this appears to happen with at least two aquarium employees nearby.

Surveillance footage shows the vehicle allegedly used to transport a shark stolen from the San Antonio Aquarium
Surveillance footage shows the vehicle allegedly used to transport a shark stolen from the San Antonio Aquarium

Stellman told The Washington Post she found the man in the parking lot about to get into a truck. When asked why he was at the magistrate's office, he said he was there to see a friend.

Associated Press reported on Tuesday that the shark is now back in its petting tank, and investigators say they've obtained confessions from the two men involved in the deed. After they were asked to allow a search of their vehicle the suspects sped off, but Spellman took note of their license plate and auto model and reported it to the authorities.

The theft was the first of its kind ever to be attempted at the aquarium, Covino said. She was greeted by cheering onlookers before being confined to a quarantined area, where aquarium staff checked her condition and began preparing her for a transition back to aquarium water, Jamie Shank, an aquarium spokesperson, told KEN5 News in the video.

The General Manager of the San Antonio Aquarium Jen Spellman said that as of Monday evening, the shark is still alive.

This year, Shark Week ran from July 22 to 29.

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