Trump Campaign Accuses Omarosa Of Violating Non-Disclosure Agreement

Lydia FlemingAug 15, 2018

Team Trump responded furiously, launching a campaign to discredit her and pursuing legal action against her for breaking an apparent non-disclosure agreement.

Manigault Newman has acknowledged signing a confidentiality agreement with the campaign in 2016.

The mere fact that President Trump has gone on a rabid offensive against Manigualt-Newman may lend some credence to the legitimacy of her claims.

WASHINGTON ― After decades of being able to shut people up with threats of lawsuits, President Donald Trump is likely in for a rude awakening as he goes after a former White House aide who has written an unflattering book. In a later tweet, he refers to Omarosa as "a dog".

As Manigault Newman said in her Monday interview with MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi, "The president talked often, as you'll see in 'Unhinged, ' about how important it was to tape your enemies, and to make sure you had information on your enemies".

She told Burnett the transcript backs her up, saying that the tape doesn't include the "hours upon hours" of Manigault Newman herself regarding this alleged Trump tape.

On Tuesday morning, Manigault Newman revealed a third tape on CBS News that she said contains a copy of a 2016 conference call among Trump campaign aides discussing how to address potential fallout from the release of tapes that allegedly show Trump using the N-word. She claimed that a tape captured Trump making racial slurs during the run of "The Apprentice".

Rivera said Trump "always had an affinity and affection for people", including the "flamboyant and charismatic" Omarosa.

Police out in full force ahead of white nationalist rally in Washington
Mr Majuto said police "were not on our side" a year ago when white supremacists surrounded counter-protesters on the rotunda. White supremacy is imprinted in the DNA of this nation, and what we saw in August 2017 was an eruption of that ideology.

But she noted that Trump had explicitly denied using the term on Twitter, and added, "I can certainly say I've never heard him use that term or anything similar".

A different president would have ignored such a book, refusing to give Manigault Newman the publicity she craves. He's also invoked "dog" to insult non-African-Americans - including Mitt Romney and former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. She said Sunday that she had listened to one after the book closed. "She made it up". The tape appears to show Pierson saying of Trump: "He said it".

Trump in recent days has taken to insulting Manigault Newman's appearance and sanity both verbally and via Twitter.

"I feel like my hands are tied because as you know I do love to communicate about the things that are going on in my life, but unfortunately I can't elaborate", she said.

"He should've said "you're fired" and kept her out of the".

She continued: "Look, I haven't been in every room". I've spoken with him, and he's willing to work with you.

Commentators have dismissed Manigault Newman's revenge tour as a vacuous sideshow, and said that it is inconsequential compared to economic issues or immigrant children being separated from their parents. "I don't want to see a race war as Donald Trump does". What's now alarming is how mainstream it is becoming, so mainstream that it is now coming out of our White House.

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