Upcoming Samsung TVs to Support Google Assistant & Amazon's Alexa

Marion JacobsJan 09, 2019

In a world dominated by two voice assistants - Google Assistant and Alexa - Samsung keeps fighting to make their virtual assistant relevant.

Amazon's strategy for Alexa this year will be a continuation of what it's been doing so far: building the foundation for an ambient computing platform, Limp added.

Along with a few other smart additions to the already plenty smart Google Assistant, the Assistant Connect feature has been announced at CES this year and what it aims to do is bring the ability and power of Google Assistant to more devices used in day-to-day life in an affordable manner.

Over 150 different products have Alexa already built into them and there are over 28,000 smart-home gadgets that can utilize Amazon's virtual assistant. At the office, Google Assistant will play well with G Suite.

However, Android phones will still make up the majority of Google Assistant's install base. For TVs, there's both Sony and LG displays with Android TV and the Assistant built in, set-top boxes from Nvidia and Xiaomi, and even a plan for smart soundbars.

Google showed off a couple of prototypes at a press event: a small e-ink pad that was pasted on a refrigerator and showed commute times and a tiny button that could be used to activate a Google Assistant controlled device.

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All this said it should be noted that it appears that more advanced voice commands and things like web and image searches will still default to using Bixby.

Amazon still has nearly three times the smart home support of GoogleReally, though, the big contributor to Google's billion Assistant devices is Android phones.

Google coming onboard is the real surprising tidbit here, especially since supporting a rival assistant feels a bit counterintuitive if Google intends to remain as the top dog of voice interfaces.

And as we've seen in the past few years, the smart home industry has made several advancements with major brands like Google and Amazon at the forefront of innovation. He also highlighted that the Assistant now works in 30 languages and is available in 80 countries, with the number of global active users growing four times year over year. However, it is unclear how many people use this feature on their smartphone. Google Assistant now works with over 10,000 smart home devices.

Here's a quick rundown of what you can expect from the Google Assistant that will be crossing over the 1 billion device mark by the end of this month.

Available initially on Google Smart Displays before the feature rolls out to more devices, getting Google to translate your words is as simple as asking it to help you with your French (or one of Google's 29 other supported languages).

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