House Democrats Take First Official Step Toward Obtaining the Mueller Report

April FrancisApr 05, 2019

A few weeks ago, the House of Representatives voted nearly unanimously to make as much of the report public as possible, though a small handful of Republicans objected to the resolution by voting "present". The grassroots organisation's rally is in response to Attorney General William Barr delay in releasing the Mueller report.

Barr issued a four-page summary March 24 of the Mueller report and its investigation into allegations the Trump campaign colluded with Russian Federation to influence the election in Trump's favor. Mr. Barr only briefly cited the special counsel's work in his letter.

The Washington Post reported on Thursday that members of Mueller's team prepared summaries for different sections of the report with a view that they could be made public, citing one U.S. official briefed on the matter.

On "America's Newsroom" Thursday, Starr, a former independent counsel whose investigation into Whitewater led to then-President Bill Clinton's impeachment hearings, said information that could compromise national security or grand jury secrecy must be redacted from the report.

Mr Collins said all of the subpoenas would be overreach, and that Democrats shouldn't be asking for documents that the Justice Department can't legally disclose to the public.

The Judiciary panel also voted Wednesday to authorize subpoenas related to five of President Donald Trump's former top advisers, stepping up a separate, wide-ranging investigation into Trump and his personal and political dealings.

It is not yet clear if Mueller's full investigative findings will be released publicly.

The lawyers and Federal Bureau of Investigation agents on Mueller's team could not reach an agreement about whether Trump's conduct amounted to a corrupt - and therefore illegal - effort to impede the probe, the three officials said...

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Barr also told lawmakers that the special counsel did not reach a conclusion "one way or the other" as to whether Trump obstructed justice throughout the investigation.

Investigators said that their final report did not "exonerate" the president.

Some of the investigators who worked with the special counsel Robert Mueller on the FBI's Russian Federation investigation believe their findings are more damaging to President Donald Trump than Attorney General William Barr has indicated, The New York Times reported on Wednesday.

I don't see a problem with showing the American public that so-called evidence, especially when Congressman Schiff's fellow Democrat, Congressman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., is calling for the entire Mueller report to be released! But the chairman clarified one important point: He said he would not issue the subpoena at once, but would sit on it while waiting to see whether the report Barr hands over meets their standards for transparency.

In his statement, Barr defended the decision to release a brief summary letter two days after receiving the report on March 22.

"There was immediate displeasure from the team when they saw how the attorney general had characterized their work instead", according one USA official briefed on the matter.

As Lawfare's Benjamin Wittes notes, Barr has provided an entirely reasonable blueprint for redactions: "Barr has laid out a short time frame in which he has promised to make a capacious set of disclosures subject to a few discrete areas of necessary confidentiality".

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