Rare copy of Super Mario for NES sold for over $100000

18 Feb, 2019

It is the only known "sticker sealed" copy of the famous video game which experts say "saved the industry" in the late 1980s. One of those two copies went up for auction recently and set a record. The copy was sent to Wata Games several months ago for grading and was rated a near ideal 9.4 out of 10 before being sent back to the owner. Let us know - we're on Twitter and Facebook .

Wells Fargo customers experience issues with online banking and mobile app

09 Feb, 2019

CNBC reported that the incident happened at a data center in Minnesota at around 5 a.m. CST and was under control starting at 9 a.m. "U giving me my $45k earnest $ back?" one Twitter user wrote to Wells Fargo. The company tweeted Thursday morning to apologize to customers who may be experiencing an issue. Whatever the cause, some Wells Fargo customers may have been caught short on cash or blocked from paying a bill just before the deadline.

Respawn working on 'more Titanfall' for later this year

06 Feb, 2019

Characters in Apex Legends also have special traits. So, if you like Respawn, our games or even me, you should tune in tomorrow. According to Kotaku , Apex Legends will play like: " Titanfall mixed with Overwatch and Blackout from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 ".

'Fortnite' will host a Marshmello concert this weekend

03 Feb, 2019

The concert has appeared on DJ Marshmello's official tour schedule. Accompanying Marshmallo's appearance is a trio of in-game " Showtime Challenges ", a special set of three in-game challenges that are related to the event. Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi_ also shared a poster earlier this week which seemed to allude to an event involving Marshmello at Fortnite's Pleasant Park .

Mario Kart Tour Has Been Delayed by Nintendo to Summer 2019

01 Feb, 2019

Nintendo once stood adamantly against mobile games, but these days the company is no stranger to releasing mobile spin-offs of its most popular and profitable franchises. If you're having trouble remembering Mario Kart Tour , it may be because Nintendo has only shown a logo when the title was first unveiled . For starters, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has become the best-selling Switch game , at 15.02 million units sold.

Fortnite giveth and Fortnite taketh away: the v7.30 patch rundown

01 Feb, 2019

Fortnite's v7.30 patch is here and with it comes a whole host of new and interesting items and modes, along with a couple of things being sent to the Fortnite vault. Apple started using this over Bluetooth some time ago, which basically screwed over a lot of people who invested in Bluetooth controllers to play on their iPhones and iPads.

IPhone FaceTime Bug Reportedly Allows Eavesdropping 28 January 2019

30 Jan, 2019

According to reports , people can eavesdrop on your conversations even if you decide not to answer the call. The company told Reuters that it was aware of the problem and would release a software update "later this week". The issue occurs when a user phones someone using FaceTime , then swipes to add another person to the call and adds their own number. If the recipient of the call hits the right side button or the volume button to ignore the call, video from their iPhone will be ...

Vivo Apex 2019 announced with Snapdragon 855, 12GB RAM, full-screen fingerprint

25 Jan, 2019

The absence of ports makes way for the Touch Sense technology for easy use, and the Magport allows for the transfer of data as well as charging. Vivo's Apex 2018 smartphone eventually turned into Vivo Nex to be sold commercially and we could see that happening with Apex 2019 as well (fingers crossed).

Microsoft to end support for Windows 10 Mobile in 2019

22 Jan, 2019

What must really burn is their admit that Windows 10 Mobile is indeed as dead as the proverbial parrot, which has forced them to suggest that current users move to a different device as Microsoft will no longer even offer token support for that OS after the end of the year.

Fortnite bug gave hackers access to millions of accounts

21 Jan, 2019

Check Point said all that was required for the attack to be successful was for a victim to click on a malicious link sent to them by hackers. Once clicked, with no need for the user to enter any login credentials, their Fortnite username and password could immediately be captured.

Google Assistant makes its way into Google Maps

12 Jan, 2019

By just saying, "Hey Google , take me home", the Assistant will immediately guide you on the most convenient route home. At the CES 2019, Google announced some exciting new features for its Assistant, including the Interpreter Mode , wherein users will be able to easily have conversations translated in real-time.

Upcoming Samsung TVs to Support Google Assistant & Amazon's Alexa

09 Jan, 2019

Along with a few other smart additions to the already plenty smart Google Assistant, the Assistant Connect feature has been announced at CES this year and what it aims to do is bring the ability and power of Google Assistant to more devices used in day-to-day life in an affordable manner.

Xiaomi building a three-side foldable tablet

07 Jan, 2019

We are also likely to see more of Qi wireless charging, phones without 3.5mm port, IR assisted face unlock, glass backs on entry-level devices, smaller, teardrop shape notches. The short video clip depicts an unknown person using the device in tablet mode, with the looks seemingly matching with the MIUI skin used by Xiaomi on its mobile devices.

Fortnite Air Traffic Control Tower Location Guide

06 Jan, 2019

The different stages are to dance on top of a Water Tower, Ranger Tower and finally an Air Traffic Control Tower . But considering this is stage two in the challenge, we suspect you already do. It might take you a few matches, but no more than 2 to 3 if you are having bad luck finding structures to destroy. Players are required to get three eliminates with suppressed weapons.

Donald Trump asks boy, 7, if he still believes in Santa

26 Dec, 2018

When we get this footage into our Santa Tracking Center, we will update you on air immediately. Mrs. Trump later tweeted that helping children track Santa "is becoming one of my favourite traditions! ". "Yes, sir", she answered definitively. Merry Christmas from our News4Jax family to you and yours. A little girl called and spoke to Director of Operations Colonel Harry Shoup, who told her he could help her locate Santa.

Best Nintendo Switch 'Super Smash Bros.' ultimate edition bundle deal

17 Dec, 2018

Super Smash Bros Ultimate developer Nintendo is getting ready to release update 1.2.0. "We got a lot of cops". When the police realised it was all fun and games, Williams asked them to participate. "In their personal time, they explore new choreography and stunt ideas...sometimes taking on the roles of their favorite video game characters", the video description reads.

Facebook Bug Exposed Unpublished Photos for Up to 6.8 Million Users

17 Dec, 2018

Guy Rosen, Facebook's vice president of product management, stated in the blog post revealing the bug: "The vulnerability was on Facebook , but these access tokens enabled someone to use the account as if they were the account-holder themselves".

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Update Version 1.2.0 Patch Notes

17 Dec, 2018

Well, if you are one of the fans of this best pre-selling game on Nintendo Switch , then you should check out the full patch notes for Super Smash Bros . Select the video you want to save and feel free to edit it as you like. Ultimate So players who purchased Let's Go Pikachu obtained a 3 star Pikachu spirit, while players who purchased Let's Go Eevee.

Why googling 'idiot' brings up Trump photos, Congresswoman asks Pichai

16 Dec, 2018

The House committee had also questioned YouTube, Twitter and Facebook executives at separate hearings on bias in big tech. Maybe it's just me being a baby, but these videos always end up making me reach for the Kleenex box. In response to Republicans who complained about Google searches, Democratic Representative Ted Lieu said: "If you want positive search results, do positive things".

Apple plans to resolve China iPhone ban with a software update

15 Dec, 2018

That meant, it said, phones like the newest iPhone XS , iPhone XS Max , and iPhone XR could remain on sale. Apple also emphasizes the notion that an iPhone ban in the country could cost it millions of dollars per day and would also impact the Chinese government and consumers.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive goes free-to-play, gets battle royale mode

10 Dec, 2018

Blacksite is divided into hexagonal zones and instead of the map shrinking over time, each zone will be randomly and occasionally bombarded by an airstrike. Players who are new to the game can choose to purchase the Prime status for $14.99 United States dollars, and begin earning exclusive in-game rewards.

O2 users across Wrexham affected by signal outage

07 Dec, 2018

As a result users have been experiencing issues with 3G and 4G services, with others unable to make calls or send texts. Our technical teams are investigating. So, it seems like there may be a silver lining to this grey cloud hanging over an estimated 32 million customers. 02 has confirmed in a tweet that one of its third-party suppliers has identified a software issue in its system, which appears to be the cause of the fault.

Microsoft Edge to Run On Google Chrome's Rendering Engine

05 Dec, 2018

Microsoft Edge's days could be numbered if a new report turns out to be true. Google Chrome is overwhelmingly the dominant web browser. Said to be codenamed Anaheim , the news Microsoft has a new rendering engine on the horizon will go down well with those who have been disappointed by Edge.

Samsung Used Twitter For iPhone To Promote The Galaxy Note 9 Display

04 Dec, 2018

As you can see in the images and video above Samsung retain the 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB-C port along with what may be a Bixby button on the left (yes it will just not go away). Verizon already has a working 5G commercial service, 5G home, which was launched in October in Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento, with a "rapid expansion" on the cards.

The Largest Flagship 2020 Hyundai Palisade Officially Unveiled

02 Dec, 2018

Like those other three-row crossovers, the Palisade boasts its own family-friendly features to entice SUV shoppers. Hyundai's biggest utility to date , the Palisade is longer, wider and taller than the outgoing Santa Fe XL. The cabin is well equipped, as well, with a plethora of USB ports for everyone to plug into. This storage space is accessed via a power-operated tailgate.

Project Fi becomes Google Fi and adds iPhone support

29 Nov, 2018

When Google launched its Project Fi MVNO three years ago, a major selling point was that customers would be able to use whichever network was the best between Sprint and T-Mobile (Google subsequently added U.S. Since smartphones need the proper hardware and software to jump between networks and wi-fi for the "full Google Fi experience", some features may be lacking for iPhones and other handsets that can now access the service but were not designed for it.

Red Dead Online beta roll out starts tomorrow for some

28 Nov, 2018

These posts allow you to fast travel to a location listed, and each has a price next to it. In Red Dead Online , people create a custom character and play online alone or with friends, exploring areas they have seen in Red Dead Redemption 2 .

PlayStation 4 Black Friday 2018: CHEAP PS4 deals at Argos, GAME, Amazon

23 Nov, 2018

These people were doing fine until about a year ago when Marvel's Spider-Man was released exclusively on the PS4. Shop the following Walmart Black Friday deals that are available now. This is more of a niche deal, as you need to have a working PS4 console and controller to trade-in, but it can be worthwhile for those with older consoles, as you'll be upgrading to newer hardware, getting one of PlayStation's best games and a new warranty for the $79.99 trade-in price.

This Black Friday PlayStation Plus Deal Is as Good as It Gets

20 Nov, 2018

Other than console exclusives, there are tons of AAA titles that can be played on both platforms. Of course, you can expect Sony to have a bunch of specials on console bundles and hardware as well. The vastly underrated action game Nier: Automata is finally on sale for $20 at Best Buy. The folks who are looking for a good deal in terms of Xbox may hop to their nearest BestBuy store or, log into the official website.

Apple's 11 inch iPad Pro gets taken apart by iFixit

18 Nov, 2018

No cost EMI is also being offered on Bajaj Finserv. Apple's iPad Pro is now open for pre-orders on sites of authorised Apple resellers like Maple and Unicorn. Owing to FaceID, the Apple iPad Pro 2018 also lends support to Animoji and Memoji which works both in portrait and landscape mode unlike in iPhones.

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