Bandai Namco Entertainment announces SoulCalibur VI

10 Дек, 2017

While there isn't much information available at the moment, Soulcalibur VI looks to be powered by the Unreal Engine 4. Bandai Namco unveiled the next installment of their weapon-based fighting game series during the Video Game awards.

Formula One: Charles Leclerc to drive for Sauber in 2018

03 Дек, 2017

The announcement was made by Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne on Saturday. Sauber has confirmed Formula 2 champion Charles Leclerc will race alongside Marcus Ericsson next year, while also unveiling the new livery for its partnership with Alfa Romeo.

Google data-saving tool aims to help manage smartphone bills

02 Дек, 2017

If you find any inappropriate advertisements from an app you've installed from Play Store , you can report the app as "Inappropriate". For the latter scenario, the app provides for a single button hitting which will let you channelize your data on only the active app.

Nokia 5, Nokia 6 may get Android Oreo 8.0 Beta update soon

29 Ноя, 2017

Owners of the unlocked HTC U11 can expect a treat to help them get through their post-holiday weekend Monday blues. Users who have already experienced Android's Oreo up front have revealed many features that make the OS one of Android's most anticipated update to-date.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Lands On Wednesday

22 Ноя, 2017

The tweet announcing the news pegs it for release on unspecified "mobile devices", which probably means a simultaneous Android and iOS launch. You should still be able to pre-register on Google Play to be notified the second the game drops in America. The goal of Pocket Camp is to convince the other animal villagers to stay around the campsite by finding materials needed and crafting their desired furniture.

The Tesla Semi already has some big-name reservations

18 Ноя, 2017

When the truck's tailgate came down, out rolled a new and previously unannounced Tesla Roadster , which company CEO Elon Musk called the fastest production auto in the world. Tesla Semi . Image source: Tesla . What could be particularly appealing to fleet operators is the Tesla Semi's tight integration with management services and applications.

The Dream Chaser Spacecraft

15 Ноя, 2017

The free flight lasted 60 seconds, reaching a maximum speed of 330 miles per hour (531 kph) and touching down at the targeted spot on the runway at a speed of 191 miles per hour (307 kph). Just like the free-flight test , Dream Chaser was suspended beneath a twin-rotor helicopter and flown through a number of maneuvers to gather information.

Germans post tweet of 35000 characters

08 Ноя, 2017

Twitter hopes that the expanded limit will get more people tweeting more , helping its lackluster user growth. According to product manager Aliza Rosen, "We saw when people needed to use more than 140 characters, they Tweeted more easily and more often".

Brace yourselves: WhatsApp is experiencing a global outage

04 Ноя, 2017

It was gathered that in India, "Whatsappdown" was the top trending item on Twitter , which is WhatsApp's biggest market with about 200 million of its billion-plus users. Meanwhile, users took to Twitter to express their outrage over the issue. The outage may be an embarrassment for WhatsApp's parent, Facebook , which has this week announced record revenues from advertising.

NASA releases audio of what space REALLY sounds like - and it's TERRIFYING

01 Ноя, 2017

Space is a vacuum - so it generally doesn't carry sound waves like air does here on Earth (though some sounds do exist in outer space, we just can't hear them ). These sounds range from high-pitched chorus of plasma waves , to trance-like radar echoes from the surface of Titan and some haunting whispers from Ganymede, Jupiter's largest moon.

GameStop Will Soon Launch a New Game Rental Service - Power Pass

31 Окт, 2017

A GameStop representative confirmed all of the advertisement's information to Digital Trends , and added that customers will be able to gift a PowerPass subscription to a friend, as well. With GameFly's mail-based system, you'll still have to wait a couple of days to receive the disk, even if you live close to one of its distribution centers.

Hardik Pandya lost his wicket because of Virat Kohli's century. Here's how

30 Окт, 2017

Fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah helped India pull off a thrilling six-run win over New Zealand in the third and final one-day global and clinch the series 2-1 on Sunday. "But, unfortunately, today we couldn't get over the line". Happy how we played through this series. The Indian skipper didn't stop there and went on to score his 32nd ODI century in his 202nd ODI encounter.

Amazon Key Allows Couriers Into Customers' Homes and People Are Confused

28 Окт, 2017

Prime customers will then select " Amazon Key " delivery at checkout. "Schedule permanent access for your family members or give temporary access to recurring visitors like dog walkers, house cleaners, or out-of-town guests". Amazon Key launches in a number of cities in the USA, but if it's successful it's easy to see it coming to the UK. Their system is a bit simpler: the delivery person is given a one-time code, which opens the door and alerts customers on their smartphones after the ...

GameCube controller support on Switch now a reality

25 Окт, 2017

But, in order to make this retro device work with your latest console you need to purchase the Wii U adapter sold in the past. GameCube controllers are highly important in the Super Smash Bros competitive arena, with them lending themselves better to the fighting series' frenetic gameplay than other control methods.

Nintendo announce new Super NES-themed 3DS XL

24 Окт, 2017

Have a watch below! The Super NES Classic Edition isn't the only piece of modern hardware sporting an unreleased, decades-old console game . Thanks to gukingofheart for the tip! Last month, European Nintendo fans were the only ones to get the new Nintendo 3DS XL in a retro SNES Famicom skin, but now North America gets their turn with their own SNES 3DS XL handhelds.

DOOM Switch Release Date Set, Out Next Month

17 Окт, 2017

Today brings us a new video that highlights some of the features gamers will encounter on the Switch version of Doom , as well as a release date. The news was announced via an interview with Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin, the Executive Producer and Creative Director at id Software respectively.

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL Add Bluetooth Battery Level Reporting

15 Окт, 2017

Fortunately, you don't have to have wait any longer or have a Pixel device . Download Pixel Launcher Mod with Google Now using this link (find the link in the attachment). As simple as its name, Another Widget doesn't do anything else but add the Pixel 2 calendar widget to an Android phone's screen, but it does a great job of replicating the official feature (as pictured above).

These Pictures Taken on the Pixel 2 Look Stunning

10 Окт, 2017

The cameras of the two phones have been ranked the best - well ahead of the iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 , the closest rivals. And as great as the original Pixel's camera was, the detail and the lighting of the photos taken on the Pixel 2 are some of the best we've ever seen from a smartphone .

Google Assistant App Appears on Google Play, New Assistant Features Announced

06 Окт, 2017

Google Assistant , the one common feature across all of Google's fresh new batch of devices, may not have been under the spotlight that long, but its arriving with a big bang and a whole lot of new features. The publication notes that the creation of a standalone app may also help users include it as part of an automation tool like IFTTT or Tasker. While the Pixel 2 and new Home speakers are definitely the stars of Google's latest show, the tie that bind them isn't going left behind.

Walmart Just Leaked Google's Stuff A Day Early

04 Окт, 2017

The leaked images reveal for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, an edge-to-edge display with no physical home button, black, black and white and blue color options and a rear-facing fingerprint scanner. This will enable the device to provide answers to questions, control smart home devices, share information, play music , and more. The search giant's jump to follow the wave with a key updates to Home, the Google Assistant-powered smart speaker it first appeared at the I/O last year and started ...

Microsoft roundup: VR acquisition, Halo: Recruit launch date, new Samsung headset

04 Окт, 2017

Additionally, Microsoft is teaming with Steam to bring VR games to Windows Mixed Reality headsets by the holidays. Microsoft is hoping that it can make VR headsets as simple as PC monitors - you just plug one in, and it works, with no additional setup, and no worry about whether your friends' devices are compatible with yours.

Join Us for an Afternoon of SNES Classic Streaming!

01 Окт, 2017

Learning a lesson after many outraged fans who sought the NES Classic last year were left empty-handed, Nintendo said it would increase inventory of the Super NES Classic this year. As it stands, you'll basically be putting the SNES Classic in the middle of your floor if you plan to use the included HDMI cable and the SNES Classic controllers that come with it.

More than 200 people killed in Mexico earthquake

21 Сен, 2017

On Tuesday afternoon, central Mexico was hit by a magnitude-7.1 quake, which has killed at least 217 people , authorities say. Yesterday's quake struck 32 years to the day after the devastating 1985 quake that killed thousands in Mexico City .

Supreme Court to take a call on Rohingyas: Rajnath

20 Сен, 2017

In its affidavit filed at the Supreme Court , the government claimed that the continued illegal immigration of Rohingyas to India has " serious national security ramifications and threats". The Indian federal government is trying to deport Rohingya Muslims over their alleged "terror ties", as the ethnic minority faces a brutal military crackdown in Burma that the United Nations has said could amount to ethnic cleansing.

Cassini mission to Saturn

15 Сен, 2017

It unveiled moonlets embedded in the rings. Hosts will cover the ins and outs of the final moments live from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, where the mission is headquartered. Its separate, main fuel tank, however, was getting low when NASA put the spacecraft on the no-turning-back Grand Finale . Ian Griffin says Cassini has had an wonderful mission which has transformed our understanding of Saturn.

Apple's iTunes removes iOS App Store from desktop version

14 Сен, 2017

As described on Apple's support page , a focus toward "music, movies, TV shows, podcasts , and audiobooks" means that you'll usually need to use your iOS devices to manage the apps installed on them. When you swipe up, you'll no longer see the half-screen block with a handful of connectivity and utility options . Also, the App Store, which for years has been awkwardly integrated into iTunes on desktop, is no longer there.

Xiaomi has announced a competitor to the MacBook Pro

12 Сен, 2017

All three supposedly have 256GB SSD as internal storage. It features a 15.4-inch display with 2.9 GHz Intel core i7 processor, 512GB SSD, and 16GB of RAM. Dual Harman Infinity custom speaker setup of 2.5W each. This Xiaomi notebook is battery promises a 60Wh of power. The company had launched its Notebook Air laptops in China only, so we could expect that the new Notebook Pro from Xiaomi will only be available in China initially then the company will make it available for other ...

What We Know About The Secretive Space Plane SpaceX Just Launched

08 Сен, 2017

Stage one of the Falcon 9 rocket landed successfully just eight minutes after launch , touching down at SpaceX's landing port located off the Florida coast, but the live feed cut out after lift-off due to the classified nature of the X-37B 'spaceplane'.

South Korea navy holds major live-fire drills in warning to DPRK

07 Сен, 2017

Trump's statement came after North Korea on Sunday detonated what it described as a hydrogen bomb designed for a long-range missile, sparking global alarm with what was by far its most powerful test to date. Mr Putin called for talks with North Korea, and warned against "military hysteria". They will be located at the US base in South Korea. Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, who will meet Mr Putin in Vladivostok on Thursday, said before his departure from Japan: "We must make North ...

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Position Maintained by Gabalex Capital Management LLC

31 Авг, 2017

Sources indicate that a thin, software bar will appear across the bottom of the screen in lieu of the home button , which users can drag up to the middle of the screen to open the phone. This "3D" sensor could be used to add people's faces into apps or games, or for facial recognition. The reason why Apple is able to price iPhone 8 at $999 without scaring customers away is because iPhone 8 will sport a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display .

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