India to have 100 satellites in space by 2025

07 Apr, 2019

Reddy, at a briefing held at the DRDO Bhawan here, said the interceptor had the capability to intercept satellites in orbit of 1,000 km. The Ministry of External Affairs had said the test is significant because India has "tested and successfully demonstrated its capability to interdict and intercept a satellite in outer space based on complete indigenous technology".

Another Democrat Just Made Fun of Ocasio-Cortez's Green Deal

08 Feb, 2019

Ocasio-Cortez said she will immediately begin to work on legislation that would "fully flesh out the projects involved in the Green New Deal". When asked about Ocasio-Cortez's "Green New Deal" during an interview with Politico on Wednesday, Pelosi appeared to dismiss Ocasio-Cortez's plan.

'One-in-100-year event': Boats, helicopters deployed in Australian flood rescue

06 Feb, 2019

Expressing sympathy for young families who had lost their homes."The real work is to make sure that they can get through the clean-up and rebuild their lives". The dam was holding 224% of its capacity Monday afternoon, according to 9 News, after peaking Sunday night at 247%. The authorities were forced to open floodgates of a major dam late Sunday, unleashing what they called "dangerous and high velocity flows".

May warns of 'uncharted territory' if MPs reject her deal — BREXIT

08 Jan, 2019

Wall Street Journal editor-at-large Gerry Baker says British PM Theresa May survived her party's no-confidence vote because there is no time to elect a new leader before the January 21 deadline for the Brexit deal to be finalized. Ali said: "Inevitably, the contingency plans are for day one only, and in the event of no deal will represent the tip of the iceberg as longer-term plans will be more strategic and extensive than those publicly announced to date".

"Epic!" --WATCH: China's Chang'e-4 Probe Lands on Moon's Far Side

04 Jan, 2019

The United States' Apollo 8 mission sent three astronauts to fly around the moon in 1968, including around its far side. Chang'e-4's low-frequency radio astronomical observation on the moon's far side will fill many gaps in astronomical observation.

New Horizons: Nasa probe survives flyby of Ultima Thule

03 Jan, 2019

An anxious spill-over crowd in a nearby auditorium joined in the loud celebration. Mission scientists were relieved about the success because there was only one chance to get it right as New Horizons screamed past Ultima at 31,500 miles per hour.

Winter storm creates hard travel conditions

28 Dec, 2018

Accumulation appears light across the Front Range at 1-3 inches, but prepare for a snowy morning commute. Temperatures should remain mild into the early morning hours Thursday with highs in the 30s by 4 a.m. Travelers are warned to keep up to date with weather forecasts and to know what the weather will be like at their destination, Edwards says. Gusty winds may cause blowing and drifting mainly through Thursday night but also extending into Friday.

Lockheed, Draper among NASA partners for new lunar payload services

01 Dec, 2018

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine hosted a press conference today to reveal the next phase of the agency's lunar ambitions. For the new NASA program, called Commercial Lunar Payload Services , the moon landers would be far too small to carry people, but they could ferry scientific experiments to the lunar surface.

Trump on climate change report: 'I don't believe it'

27 Nov, 2018

In a statement , a White House spokeswoman said the newly released installment - the fourth in a series of reports mandated by Congress - began under the Obama administration and that future efforts would rely on more accurate models and show that alarm is overblown.

NASA's InSight Mars Lander Set To Touch Down Monday

24 Nov, 2018

The Rover mission is set to launch in July 2020 from Cape Canaveral. NASA said as well as its river delta and small crater impacts, the site contains numerous boulders and rocks to the east, cliffs to the west and depressions filled with aeolian bedforms (wind-derived ripples in sand that could trap a rover) in several locations.

Dramatic onboard footage captures Soyuz rocket launch failure

02 Nov, 2018

The incident, triggered by a mechanical failure, forced two astronauts to abandon ship shortly after launching from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan . Ovchinin and Hague returned safely back to Earth in their capsule, and are likely get their chance to go to the space station in the spring, Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin has said.

Hurricane Michael: Where were the 155 miles per hour winds?

12 Oct, 2018

Most of the rain was blamed on a low-pressure system off the Pacific coast, but Hurricane Michael in the Caribbean could have also contributed. "The worst thing you can do now is act foolishly" by putting yourself in danger or keeping law enforcement from saving lives, he said at a news conference.

Hurricane Michael weakens to Category 1 storm: NHC

11 Oct, 2018

Hurricane Michael , the fiercest storm to hit Florida in more than 80 years and the third-most powerful ever to strike the US mainland, battered the state's Gulf coast on Wednesday with roof-shredding winds, raging surf and torrential rains.

Environment Canada confirms Ottawa area was hit by two tornadoes

25 Sep, 2018

They said they'd arrived home just a few minutes before the tornado cut its swath through the neighbourhood. Environment Canada said that at nearly the same time a second, slightly less powerful, twister touched down in the south Ottawa neighbourhood of Arlington Woods.

Japanese Billionaire to Be SpaceX’s First Passenger to the Moon

18 Sep, 2018

Japanese billionaire, entrepreneur and online fashion tycoon Yusaku Maezawa , 42, announced: "I choose to go to the Moon". Musk did not name the clients previous year or say how much they would pay. While Musk has insisted that the spacecraft is safe, he warned Monday that there "are some chances things could go wrong". Maezawa has chartered a flight aboard the company's Big Falcon Rocket for a slingshot trip around the Moon, which is expected to take place in 2023.

Hurricane Florence: At least 10 dead, Carolinas brace for widespread flooding

18 Sep, 2018

North Carolina Emergency Management Director Michael Sprayberry said it was too early to estimate how many people in the state would be made homeless by the storm . A 61-year-old woman died in SC when the vehicle she was driving hit a fallen tree on Highway 18 near Union, The Associated Press reported. Six people died in SC, including four in vehicle accidents and two from carbon monoxide from a portable generator.

Water -- not wind -- is the deadliest storm hazard

17 Sep, 2018

At 15:00 GMT (11:00 am), Florence was over the Atlantic Ocean about 230 km (145 miles) east-southeast of Wilmington, North Carolina , and moving northwest at 17 kph (10 mph), the NHC said . On Monday, with the storm appearing to shift south, McMaster, the SC governor, ordered schools in Aiken County, near the Georgia line, to close for the rest of the week to free up shelter space for hurricane evacuees.

Feinstein refers information on Brett Kavanaugh to federal investigators

14 Sep, 2018

Feinstein has not shared details about the letter beyond her statement Thursday, and no other senators on the Judiciary Committee have been permitted to see it, according to reports. Kennedy . "Not until the eve of his confirmation has Senator Feinstein or anyone raised the spectre of new "information" about him". Democratic senators and others working to defeat Kavanaugh's confirmation believe Kavanaugh significantly misled the Judiciary Committee more than a decade ago on his ...

Florence downgraded to Cat. 2; still potentially deadly storm

14 Sep, 2018

Wind speeds of risky Hurricane Florence decreased slightly Wednesday afternoon to 120 miles per hour according to the 5 p.m. update from the National Hurricane Center. The National Hurricane Center says the waves were measured by satellite. With the storm churning across the Atlantic with 140 miles per hour winds, hurricane watches and warnings include the homes of more than 5.4 million people on the East Coast.

High-definition video from space shows the extreme power of Hurricane Florence

13 Sep, 2018

Hurricane Florence, the first major hurricane in the Atlantic basin this season, will be slamming into the Eastern United States this week as a Category 4 hurricane. The photos in Gerst's post capture Florence mid-churn, winds up to 130 miles per hour whipping around the storm's eye. When GPM observed Florence, the intensifying storm had maximum sustained winds of about 70 knots (81 mph) at that time and was still a tropical storm.

Hurricane Florence is no Hugo. It looks worse

13 Sep, 2018

Coastal residents fleeing a potentially devastating blow from Hurricane Florence encountered empty gasoline pumps and depleted store shelves as the monster storm neared the Carolina coast with 130 miles per hour winds and drenching rain that could last for days.

Hurricane Florence strengthens to Category 2 storm

11 Sep, 2018

ET, according to the NHC . "On the forecast track, the center of Florence will move over the southwestern Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda and the Bahamas Tuesday and Wednesday, and approach the coast of SC or North Carolina on Thursday". President Donald Trump issued a strong warning to those in the path of Hurricane Florence , which is on track to hit the East Coast as a major storm later this week.

Gordon Intensifies, Voluntary Evacuations Issued

05 Sep, 2018

Tropical storm and storm surge warnings were in effect along a long stretch of the central Gulf Coast from Morgan City, Louisiana, including Lake Pontchartrain, to the Alabama-Florida border. The National Hurricane Center reported that the storm could unleash "life-threatening" storm surge to portions of the central Gulf Coast. But tropical storm conditions - winds of at least 39 miles per hour - could hit the Gulf Coast as early as Tuesday afternoon.

Tropical Storm Gordon brings hurricane watch to Gulf Coast

04 Sep, 2018

Heavy rains are expected over the Gulf Coast states. The center of the storm was located about 60 miles west-northwest of Key Largo, Florida. "This warning replaces the hurricane Watch and tropical storm warning for this area". Heavy rain and gusty winds cover all of South Florida, especially in embedded rain bands. The center says the system will gradually strengthen and is expected to become a tropical depression sometime Monday and a tropical storm by Monday evening.

Peter Dutton fails to rule out second leadership challenge against Malcolm Turnbull

24 Aug, 2018

The conservatives, led by Dutton and former Prime Minister Tony Abbott , have taken issue with Turnbull's plan to embed an emissions reduction target of 26 percent within the legislation, arguing that the policy should be exclusively focused on reducing electricity prices.

New Horizon's Spacecraft Finds 'Hydrogen Wall' at End of Solar System

13 Aug, 2018

A worst-case scenario could cost up to two trillion dollars in the first year alone and take a decade for full recovery, experts say. The two side boosters shut down and fell away as expected a bit less than four minutes after liftoff. "We have not been able to answer these questions". The spacecraft will also be prepared for the first of seven planned Venus flybys scheduled for October 2.

Mix Of Newbies, Veterans To Fly On US' First Private Spaceships

04 Aug, 2018

NASA said the spacecraft returned to Earth with more than 3,800 pounds (more than 1,700 kilograms) of cargo, including specimens from biological experiments conducted on-board the space station. He was selected for astronaut candidacy in July 2000 and was assigned to technical duties after two years of training. "The result is that we'll have a better and safer spacecraft", he said.

Wisconsin Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin comes out against Supreme Court nominee

13 Jul, 2018

John McCain , R-Ariz., at home getting treatment for brain cancer. "Tomorrow I begin meeting with members of the Senate", he said , "If confirmed by the Senate, I will keep an open mind in every case". What we know is that at least two Democrats facing tough reelection campaigns in red states are positioning themselves to vote to confirm Kavanaugh if it seems politic to do so.

US Gulf Coast braces for first named storm of the season

29 May, 2018

The Florida panhandle , a good portion of Alabama and western Georgia are dramatically more at risk for flash flooding with this storm. Alberto's top winds rose to 50 miles (80 kilometers) per hour early Sunday, up from 40 earlier, the National Hurricane Center said in a 11 a.m.

'Alberto' to Hit Florida Before Hurricane Season

29 May, 2018

Alberto could cause $400 million to $500 million across the South, including damage to cars crushed by toppled trees, wrecked roofs and flooding, Watson said in an interview. Hardest hit will be small businesses that expected revenue from Memorial Day weekend tourists, Watson said. On the current path it will make landfall as a subtropical torm.

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